TextMate 2.0 released

2019-09-15 (v2.0)

After far too long, there is no longer any qualifier suffix in the version string, so it is now finally just “TextMate 2.0”.

I am grateful to everybody who has submitted a pull request, but the following people deserve a special mention:

  • Boris Dušek who is responsibly for TextMate’s much improved accessibility support.
  • Jacob Bandes-Storch was a tremendous help replacing use of 32 bit APIs.
  • Ronald Wampler is just an all around great contributor.

Not everything on the wishlist made it into 2.0, but TextMate remains a work in progress, so don’t despair 🙂

— Allan Odgaard

TextMate for macOS

inessential: NetNewsWire 5.0 Now Available





NetNewsWire 5.0 is shipping!

In case you haven’t been following along until just now: NetNewsWire is an open source RSS reader for Mac. It’s free! You can just download it and use it. No strings.

It’s designed to be stable, fast, and free of bugs. It doesn’t have a lot of features yet, and that’s because we prioritized quality over features. We will be adding more features, of course, but not quickly. We’re also working on an iOS app.

It syncs using Feedbin. We’ll support more systems in the future (as many as possible).

I hope you like it!

inessential: NetNewsWire 5.0 Now Available